So It Begins.

This is awesome 🙂

Some Assembly Required

I recently finished my first year of graduate school and after a year of brain-melting academia I have realized I desperately need to have more creativity in my life.  This obviously meant I needed to buy a sewing machine and get my craft on.  After perusing the aisles of Joann’s and ogling $200+ machines, I quickly came to realize the way to go would be the dreaded Craigslist.  We’ve all heard the horror stories about going to strangers houses and taking candy from men in vans, but I bit the bullet after I found a seemingly legitimate ad for a $10 sewing machine.

I talked to the woman from the ad and she told me I would know which house was hers… her husband was the one building a chicken coop in the front yard. (I’m not sure if this made me feel more or less wary of using Craigslist).  Thirty minutes later…

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