Less is more. Or is it?

Wow it’s beautiful!


It was exciting to go to an actual house clearance and see some pieces in situ worth buying and renovating.  It felt like I was in a special place.  The secret garden but this one was full of old furniture.  Furniture heaven.  The only problem was getting all 6 pieces home, and which one to start first of course.  My mind was full of ideas but I was left feeling like Augustus Gloop in Charlie and the Chocolate factory, where he was over come by his gluttonous ways. Only I was over come by my furniture hall and ideas.   It was on the third piece I worked on from that gluttonous furniture hall that I realised something.  Underneath this mass of dirt, damp and down right neglected piece was some beautiful untouched wood with stacks of character.  It took me some time to see this as I spent a whole…

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