Up, Up and Away……..

I love it 🙂

Weezie Crafts


Hi team,

This week I’ve got something very special to show you. I have my first baby on the way, due in only a few weeks!

I worked very hard to get this done, because sewing isn’t really my thing. In truth it took me many, many weeks to stitch this – But finally…..


The pattern and the material is from Craft Schmaft. I bought it at a craft fair last year. I hand stitched each of the balloons (which is why it took so long).

The pattern is very easy to follow, the instructions are excellent. If you want to use your own fabric, the pattern comes with all the templates you need, but I really liked these pre-designed balloons.


I decided to stitch rik-rak around the bottom of each of the balloons to hide the edges. The bunting on the red balloon nearly did me in –…

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