Purple Flower Power

Some Assembly Required

The number of long, shapeless 90’s dresses at the thrift shop is amazing! I loved the $1.24 purple number with it’s awkward side ties and flower buttons. You have to see the potential in this one!
IMG_0139.JPGBuh bye shoulder pads!
See ya later flower buttons!

And I couldn’t leave the loops with no buttons so those went to the scrap pile.


And the obligatory V-neck cut and pinned. (I promise someday I’ll be creative and do something besides a v-neck).

IMG_0204I gave the sleeves a trim and a clean hem.IMG_0215.JPGHemming, hemming, hemming…


Then this lovely dress got a 10 inch loop taken off the bottom. Don’t worry, you’ll see that bottom loop again (because I know you were quite worried).

IMG_0212.JPGSnip, snip, snip.
IMG_0213.JPG I took the extra fabric from the bottom cut it into a long strip and used it as a sash attached it with an awesome brooch.  It’s been a…

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